Tuesday, May 13, 2008


On May 11th I skipped out on Mother's Day and went to Dallas with my friends to see our favorite pop band, NLT, at the House of Blues. I was a little nervous; I did my best to look nice, I was going to be on the floor by myself because all of my other friends got balcony seats, and I planned on giving Travis a ring I bought him during the meet and greet.
We got in there after waiting for 20 minutes for the doors to open and guess what: there was no balcony and the concert area was smaller than we thought. The "balcony" seats were really roped off sections of the floor that actually had chairs and got served Gatoraide. I could've sat in there whether I had a ticket or not. Despite my pleas and the seat mix up, my friends wouldn't come to the floor with me, so I hung out there for about an hour until the show started.
The show began when 2 guys named Mark and James came out, playing the hosts of Bandemonium. They played us a few of their songs and were pretty awesome. They told us funny stories and hit on the girls a bit before introducing V-Factory.
V-Factory was GREAT. There were 5 of them and played us 4 or 5 of their songs. They were all pretty hot and were great singers and dancers. I knew I had to keep an eye on these guys too, they converted half of the crowd to their side by the time they left the stage for NLT.
Now, these are my boys, and I love them to death, but they are WAY hotter in person than a TV or computer screen. Photos cannot do these boys justice. They performed wonderfully and sang some of my favorite songs. They serenaded the webmistress of NLTonline.org and a random girl in the audience before getting back to the show. I didn't realize how close to the stage I was until I touched V's hand twice. I flipped out, especially when the guys left and I fought my way back to my friends.
After that, we left without watching Menudo to get to the meet and greet early, where we met a pretty cool chick named Becky. Funny how all the cool people are named Becky, huh? Anyway, after about 30 minutes or so, all the bands came up to the meet and greet and signed stuff for us. I met everyone, including Menudo. 2 of their guys hit on me, I shook hands with Asher from V-Factory, and chatted with Mark about stripping before turning around and seeing Travis smiling at me. I tripped out for a minute (hey, I wasn't prepared!) before smiling and letting him sign the poster I brought for NLT to sign. After he signed it in a silver marker, I handed my napkin-wrapped ring to him and told him I got him a gift. This made him happy, especially after he unwrapped it and saw the ring. He loved it so much that he gave me a long hug and even kissed me on the cheek. Yes, I kissed him back! After that, all the guys from NLT offered me hugs and I chatted a few minutes with V, who is pretty awesome (he feels the same about me :)) before leaving with my friends to go home. From what I gathered, I was the only one who didn't have to ask for a hug from the guys and the only one who got kissed.
That was the greatest night of my life and I can't wait to see those guys again. I should buy more gifts for them, this time for the WHOLE band. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm sold

I may not have heard their German stuff, but I'm boarding the Tokio Hotel train. I wasn't sure if they'd be good performing live, but their performance at the MTV Awards last year blew me away.