Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel's new song + video "Automatic" is great. I love it, even though I liked the sound of their last album better. The boys look good, sound good, and I can't wait for their next update.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Moon and my assessment

This is the New Moon trailer as shown from the MTV VMA's. This trailer is amazing, I get chills just from watching it. At first my friends and I were like 'No, we're not seeing this movie in theatres with all of the changes and bad casting' which is what I said last time, but after seeing this trailer we all decided to see the midnight showing again. This trailer absolutely thrilled me; I'd get chills during the movie if they just played that song the entire time. For some reason, when they cast for Twilight movies it looks like bad casting but after you see them act, it fits. I still wish Ben Barnes was Aro and the werewolf pack was hotter, but maybe they can impress me and make me a She-Wolf or something.
And the action! The trailer was enough to make me want to run around a building. Bella has that awesome rescue scene for Edward, Laurent friggin' knocks out a werewolf like a twig, and all those vampire vs. vampire fight scenes! I didn't like Twilight's fighting scenes, but these look superb.
This may sound vain, but almost everyone agrees with me on this in their heart of hearts, the Twilight series demands a beautiful cast and casting delivers well. I'm half in love with every male character in that movie: Jasper, Jacob, sometimes Edward, Carlise, James, even Charlie found himself a fangirl in me. I hope Travis looks like Charlie when he gets older, 'cause I'd have no problem whatsoever coming home every day to that!
New Moon also mends ties; I am no longer irritated by Dakota Fanning. Usually she bothers me but now she can roll with me anytime, as long as she wears those contacts.
I am ready for this movie and will be at the movies at 10 pm for the midnight show or earlier so we can actually get good seats this time. And if the fangirls keep squealing at all the partial nudity like they did when Edward made his first appearance in Twilight, I WILL be going to jail after the movie. I'm excited now!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video update

See what happens when the Mario bros. get pulled over. These guys also do spoof movie trailers.
A group college students play a live version of Super Mario Bros. for a talent show.