Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

I had forgotten how nice it was to lay on the couch and relax with a dog in my lap. Then I remember that the dog is Spartacus and the disappointment sets in. Honestly, he's not really a bad dog- uh, scratch that. Well, he has his moments- when he's unconscious. I'd much rather it be Zeus laying on me, really, but Spartie will have to do.
Oh hey Ender. Wanna come sit with me? Or on the couch in general? Thanks, and enjoy yourself. Oh snap, I just got a text message. Sorry if it disturbs you, Ender, I'll see who it is right away.
Oh, it's one of my friends! She's responding to a text I sent her last night about the Bachelorette eliminations. Those kind of made me sad, because Ashley and William looked really cute together, quite a lovely pair actually. At least J.P. and all of his manly hotness is still there.
Of course, I was too busy watching WWE Raw's Power to the People last night. Most of the matches sucked, and I hate voting via cell phone, but it was fun. Hottest match of the night: the 6-man tag match of Christian, R-Truth, and the Miz vs Alex Riley, Randy Orton, and John Cena.
There goes my phone again. My friend is annoyed with the results, as am I. Bentley doesn't deserve Ashley, but by being so sprung on him, she doesn't deserve the other guys.
Speaking of guys, I like hot ones. Like the ones that wrestled last night. Especially Christian, A-Ry, and Cena. Randy's hot too, but I don't see him like that. John Morrison's the king of hotness, but R-Truth is a jerk and took him off television for a while. I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy against me, hm...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Babbles

So for the past couple of weeks, I've been packing up my room for my move to my dad's. Although I wasn't planning on moving until August, I figured I'd get started now because I thought it'd take me forever to get boxes and it'd be a long process. Well apparently, I'm an epic packer. Once I finish the final wall of my room, I'll be completely packed with only the PC and the furniture left over. Even all of my posters are down.
Brandon's going to his first bootcamp this week. I'm excited for him, but I'm going to miss the little super saiyin/jonin/WWE superstar the whole week he's gone. It looks like I'll be sleeping that entire week off, or doing a major room cleaning project. Maybe not the last one. Yeah, definitely not the last one.
Capital Punishment is this Sunday, which I will not be watching, but I will be checking the live results during the PPV. I'm hoping that the world titles change hands that night. sorry, but John Cena doesn't need to have the WWE Championship the entire time until Wrestlemania 28, and Christian was robbed of his only World Championship reign. Sorry Randy, but I've been waiting for 12 years for Christian to get that title. Just let him have it for a few months and then take it back or something. I'm ready for John Morrison to come back. Maybe if R-Truth wins the WWE title, they can feud over it and John can FINALLY have a world title reign. A girl can dream, can't she?
Totally missing Kharma. The Diva's division, once again, sucks without her there. Brie Bella needs to lose that Diva's championship and give to someone who's actually good, like Beth Pheonix, or Natalya, and the matches need to be more than five minutes long, with less swishing hair and annoying shrieking. I don't like the guys grunting and yelling during their matches, so I'm not letting the girls get away with either.