Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Sick

Today I got sick :( I'm currently fighting to breathe through my nose as I type. One of my friends has been sick for a while and since I'm always with her, I got the sniffles now. I'd set up my fog machine/humidifier, but some of the parts are missing. I'm just going to go to sleep early tonight and see how I fare tomorrow.
I've decided that in order to earn money since I can't score a job, I should clean houses. So far there are several people interested in hiring me, so I hope I get one soon. In fact, I'm sending one of my hopeful clients some references right now.
I'm going to stop now, since I can barely see straight and I'm a bit hungry.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

Yesterday one of my cousin's got married at the Civic Center. There's really not much to post since I didn't stay there long. The ceremony was short and small, and there were a lot of speeches made. When it became clear that they probably wouldn't cut the cake before my 21st birthday, I bounced. I did get a few pics, just not of myself. I don't go to a lot of weddings so I didn't know how many pics I could take without looking in appropriate.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I've been on a major writing streak this past week. I'm very close to finishing a season of one of my series, I'm starting a few others, and I've been working on a few songs. Once I get a day to myself, I'm going to sit down and just write until I get several things finished. I'm very excited with how my projects are going.
Today one of my cousins is getting married and I'm currently getting my hair done for the wedding. I'm excited to go and be with this side of my family again' I haven't seen most of them since the family reunion last month.
I've been making a lot of new friends lately, almost all of them being very awesome, so I'm happy about that. I've been opening myself up to new experiences and it's been nothing but a blessing so far. But just because I'm hanging out with more people doesn't mean I'm forgetting the friends that have been with me from the start. I can't wait to see Kat for Thanksgiving, Krissy whenever she gets the chance to visit again, and Devin when he graduates. I'm keeping the friends that turned into family in mind and I hope I can do something special for all of them soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Night....TELEVISION!!

Everyone thought I was going to say Raw lol That's later. First it's DWTS. I have a group of seven people I'm rooting for: Brandy, Kyle Massey, Michael Bolton, The Situation, Rick Fox, Margaret Cho, and Florence Henderson. Mrs. Brady converted me to her side during her rehearsal footage. We need more swearing old ladies in the world, I believe. I can't talk about their dancing because I barely paid attention; Raw came on an hour into it.
Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion!!! Woot! It's about time he got it; he's had a crazy winning/murder streak for months and he really deserves the championship right now. And have you seen John Morrison? It looks like he's finally got his groove back! I really hope he'll be up for a championship match soon, just not against Randy Orton. I also hope Triple H comes back soon so he can shut Sheamus up. A girl can only wish ;).

Harrison Potter

Does the Harry Potter franchise really need another hot guy to be fantasized over? Don't they have enough? Apparently they don't think so, because Rhys Ifans (a.k.a. Adrian from Little Nicky) just joined the magical cast as Luna Lovegood's dad. Granted, he's not hot in character, but when he actually showers and shaves in real life, I find him very attractive. I don't know what to do about this; when it comes to Harry Potter, I'm already in a committed relationship with Severus Snape after breaking up with Oliver Wood when we finished school. Then again, if Lucius Malfoy decided he was tired of the domestic life and wanted someone to spend money on I wouldn't object either...
Yes, I know I have problems. But aside from that, I'm very excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out in TWO MONTHS!!! Start your countdowns.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Okay, I'm not going to talk about Paranormal Activity 2 or it's creepy trailer with the stills that scarred me for life not matter how much I kind of want to. It was a mistake to let the spoiler in me run free that day.
Well, yesterday Grandma bought two movies on demand, one I've been wanting to see and another I didn't care about too much. The first one was Just Wright, starring Queen Latifah and Common. I forgot how much I loved Queen Latifah; she's so cool and confident in herself, and I feel like her character Leslie is close to how she really is. In this movie, Leslie is a physical therapist who is constantly (but understandably at some points) placed in the "friend" category with men. I really don't understand guys with this, and I know girls do this too. You meet someone fantastic that you can have a real conversation for hours with and when the date's over, you decide you're not interested? I can get it if the physical attraction's not there or something, but when you actually found them attractive beforehand? Fine, go miss out. And Common? After 5 minutes of being on screen, I realize I had a crush on Common! I think he's a pretty decent actor. Every time I watch one of his movies, I'm sold on his character.
Then Grandma bought Letters to Juliet and I wanted to barf at first. I didn't really pay attention to is until the middle and I got sucked in, mostly by the cute guys that randomly showed up. The original Lorenzo Bartolini is very handsome and Victor, Amanda Seyfried's fiancee in the movie, had the most mesmerizing eyes I've ever seen. It was a cute movie, and one of the few times I'm glad everything worked out for everyone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


You know, my friends really have to thank Square Enix and Disney, because with Kingdom Hearts' triumphant return with their new game Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, my mojo's come back with a vengeance. I'm currently typing away on my keyboard, updating D.O.M. season 2 and I will probably type up as much as I can of C.O.N. season 1. I'm kind of sad these stories can never be published; I'd be sued so hard my descendants would pay for it if I ever tried.
So yeah, my heart's only content if I'm creating something musical or literary. Woot! This post really wasn't very informative and it didn't have a point, I'm just happy I'm writing again. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Day

I, surprisingly, had a very good day today. I like days that are just awesome on their own instead of you having to set out to make it good or lay in bed at the end of the day and decide if it was decent. It was a very nice change of pace.
I overslept today but didn't sweat it; I'll get back on track tomorrow. I sat at the computer (as I always do) and after a couple of hours I found out VH1 would finally be airing I Love Money 4 on September 16. They won't release the third season because of the whole Ryan Jenkins thing, but the series is coming back! Yay! I've missed my reality trash. VH1 used to be king of the celebreality garbage, but golden, can with shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and the spin-offs after it, but after stupid Ryan Jenkins from Megan Wants a Millionaire went and allegedly killed his wife, VH1 put the "romance" themed and I Love Money shows in a closet. It's not our fault he was crazy, why did we have to suffer? I know, I know, someone lost a daughter and canceling Ryan's shows was the only appropriate action, but still. I know, I'm a bad person, or at least insensitive when it comes to this event. VH1's reality shows were the only television I watched, so I eventually stopped watching tv because those were the only things I liked. I eventually got into wrestling and the Jersey Shore, but now that I Love Money's back I'm going to be glued to the tv. Jwoww, Sammi, Snooki, and Angelina combined are nothing compared to the Rock and Flavor of Love girls drama-wise. I cried in happiness when I watched the trailer for the show.
Then Amanda took me to get some Subway and my grandfather took me to go eat Chinese when I went to go visit him. Then he took me to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a dress for my cousin's wedding and let me tell you something: I'm going to look hot! I'm going to have to get a cardigan or something to cover up a bit, but this dress is sick! I'll be posting some photos tomorrow, probably.
Free food, "quality" reality tv, and a day without being hit on? This has been an awesome freaking day.