Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Birthday!

Surprisingly, I had a great birthday yesterday. Nevermind, I take that back, it's not surprising when you factor in the fantastic people I have in my life who love me so unselfishly and will do everything they can to make sure I have a great day. The only things that could've made my day even more awesome are my dad, step-mom, step-sisters, Daniel, and Devin.
All day, I got birthday texts, calls, and wall posts on Facebook, which I thank everybody for. My grandma made a beautiful cake for me that I ate with my best girlfriends and close family members that were in the area. After that, the girls and I went to Summer Palace to eat, which we had a great time doing with our ninja waiter and wonton broth. Then we came home and the ones that were left played Apples to Apples, the official game of everyone I've met.
It was so awesome to see them. I was glad to share this birthday with Amber, who I've been getting close to recently, Kathleen, someone who I truly believe is one of my soulmates and would never choose to do without, and Kristina, who I usually don't get to see that often but was able to celebrate my birthday with me. I thought Devin forgot my birthday, but I was happily proved wrong when I saw that he wished me well on both myspace and facebook.
This weekend I'm going to continue the celebrations at my dad's and I'll get to see my grammy, which is always a blast. I can't wait to see them all.
Thank you everyone who's made the last 18 years ones worth reliving if I had the chance. Although my life has been filled with hardships and almost fatal heartbreak, I have also been blessed with family members and fantastic friends that gave me the love and strength to counter the hard times. You've all helped make me the person I am today, a person that not only you love, but that I love too. Thank you for sharing my life thus far with me, and I hope you stay put for a long time to come. :)

Pictures of my cake & small gathering

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Hunt for Moby Raven

Two days ago, I discovered that Rudolf Martin a.k.a. hottest German without makeup ever, was in another vampire movie called Raven. It came out in August 2009 and barely anyone's heard of it, so I was like "Cool, it should be on DVD by now." So I searched every shopping site I could think of for this movie, but apparently it doesn't exist. The only thing that taunts me with the possibility it's somewhere floating the internet (or a movie store) is the imdb page. So I've decided that this movie is my current white whale; I will search the ends of the internet for this movie and I won't rest until I find it! Or at least a DVD release date.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prom was awesome!

But of course, Class of 2010 was there, and we always know how to throw a good party. If you were born in late 1991-early 1992, you were born with party genes.
But let me start from the beginning of my promtastic tale. About a month ago, my bff Kat invited me to go to prom with her, since, as a graduate, I couldn't go without being invited by a current student. Then the month of shopping and working out ensued, with a lot of good times and great sales being discovered. I found a great dress, cute (not to mention comfy) shoes, and a gorgeous mask. I might start collecting masquerade masks after this.
Then we (Kat, 4 other friends, and I) had to find a place to take prom pictures. We looked at a local tree place, thingy magig, but that was being rented out for a wedding on the same day. We wound up picking a hospital with gorgeous fountains.
Prom day arrives. Kat stayed the night before, so we got up early and went to work. My grandmother did my hair and Kat did my nails before I took her home so she could get ready herself. When I came back, my aunt did a gorgeous job on my makeup and finally, finally, I could put on my beautiful black dress. Now fully dressed, I went to pick Kat up, who still wasn't ready. By the time she was dressed, we were late to meet the others for pictures. Oh well, we looked hot. My grandma came along to help us take pics and we had a good time looking around the hospital's beautiful scenery.
After our photoshoot, we picked up another friend and went to Summer Palace to eat. I tried some eel, which actually wasn't too bad, but it did look like Petrie from Land Before Time. Needless to say, we ate well before prom lol.
Then, finally, we went to prom. I thought that my hair loose, a mask on, and in a dress, no one would recognize me. The first seven people we saw who greeted "Hey, Kayla" kind of ruined that plan for me. Prom was a blast; we danced, yelled, and had a great time with people we never expected to hang out with. I couldn't have asked for a better night. I was dancing with some of my best friends in the world, I was making eye contact with a hot dj, and then the girls came over to stay at my house again. I can't wait to do this all over again sometime.

Click here for pics