Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Congrats for Laxmi!

Okay, so I think most people know that child-marriages still happen in some parts of the world. You hear about it in Saudi Arabia, which has no age minimum for marriage, India, and even some poor African villages. It's part of a culture, but like most traditions, it's being challenged.
Laxmi Sargara, 18, and her husband, Rakesh, 20, have the distinction of the being the first legally-married childhood couple of annul their marriage in India! Recently, Laxmi was informed of her marriage, which took place when she was 1, and that she would have to move in with her husband within the week. Unhappy about the predicament, Laxmi got a hold of social worker Kriti Bharti, who helped her take the steps of annulling her unwanted marriage. Bharti got in touch with Rakesh, who originally planned to go ahead with the marriage, but changed his mind and agreed to annul it.
Laxmi has taken the steps to choosing her own future, even with this long-standing tradition and culture standing in her way, and succeeded in her fight for her independence. She is among the first to reach out to change her life, and hopefully by her example, she won't be the last. Way to go, Laxmi! May all of your dreams come true!

You can read more here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ratchet Girls and All Them Questions

I have been tragically late by not posting these vids and spreading their word of their addictive greatness. My bad, boys ;).

Do you know a ratchet girl? Can't dress herself properly to save her life? Had a free, public education and still refuses to make good decisions? Going to the club pregnant and still thinking she's Halle Berry or Sasha Fierce? Well, here is her theme song, the "Ratchet Girl Anthem". Just like she always told you, she's famous. Man, I need a sarcasm font.

Ever had a girlfriend ask you a bunch of questions? "Where you been?" "Who that hoe?" "Why ain't you answering your phone?" "Who that hoe?" Then they want to answer it by themselves, like they're some kind of Sherlock Holmes? Well hold on guys, SpokenReasons and Emmanuel Hudson know the feeling when those girls are "Askin' All Them Questions"!

If you get addicted to one of both of these songs, I understand. It happened to me too.

Note: I apologize for my lack of proper English in this post. I have a tendency to get carried away. Haha :).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sparkling Nightmare!!

OH Ra, my nightmare was... just awful! I had a dream that I was Bella Swan, married to Edward (even worse) and before my transformation, we went to visit his human parents. His mother was obviously unhinged and his father was obviously sadistic and kept looking at me like he wanted to try insane experiments on me. Edward makes the mistake of leaving me alone, and I find Kurt from Glee hanging around their house. I make him a deal to help him escape so he could run to New York if he keeps Edward's parents away from me. Well, my stupid self decides to go out to the parking lot, where Mercedes and Edward's mom are fighting over a gun and a dead body. When I approach, they shoot me by mistake, making Edward have to transform me off-schedule.
When I woke up from the process, I was lying in the middle of a street on a rainy night outside of an insane asylum. In the distance, I could see Mercedes and my mother-in-law being wheeled into the asylum and heard them say the insanity defense worked well. I looked down in my hand and saw a note from Edward that said "Come and find me."
Naturally, I was happy to wake up from this ridiculous dream of Glee, vampires, and the worst in-laws on this side of the grave. The worst part of it all? I was Bella freaking Swan!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blog, Yo!

Okay, so I was coming up with new Top 5 lists to do for this blog when a realization came to me: half of my posts now are lists. Of course, I still post my usual ridiculousness, but this is getting a bit cluttered with all of the numbers, movies, and my theories on the workings of Hollywood. So an idea came to me, which has been known to happen, and I decided to move. No, I'm not leaving blogger, but I am giving my Top 5 lists a home of their own. It's time to leave the nest!
So any time you want to see my Top 5 lists, you can go here. I've made it to where it can also be accessed in my Blogs I'm Reading gadget on the left over there. Yes, there. Oh, and the name's "Top 5 What??" in case you think you've landed in Oz by accident; nope, still Mahbu-land. Same pic and everything. Of course, I'm authoring that one, and this one will just be my random epiphanies and ramblings. Everything's more organized now, which makes Socrates and the adult me very, very happy :). Hopefully it'll be easier for everyone else too. Well, happy reading!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Return of Toonami

The night of March 30, 2012- the wee hours of April 1, 2012, Cartoon Network gave the second greatest gift a 90's kid could ask for: they brought back Toonami, complete with TOM, for a night. They showed almost every old anime they used to: Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Gundam, Big O, Outlaw Star, etc. The night was epic, and I cried and screamed so many times, you'd think Papa Roach was performing at Wrestlemania with Hyde and Synyster Gates at commentary. Every anime they showed, and Toonami itself, stayed in the top TT's on Twitter and reconnected people to the shows they loved.
Second greatest gift, you ask? Then what's the greatest? The greatest would be this: to bring Toonami back as regular programming, if only for one night a week. Boom. Right there. Gauntlet has been THROWN. Many people agree with my statement and someone even started a petition to bring the segment back to television. People are also going here to ask CN directly. Please, for the love of TOM and quality television, please sign the petition and, if you have the time, tell CN that we want our anime back by the bucketload. Believe it or not, every signature counts, and more voices may mean a better chance for CN to take us seriously and give us Toonami back. Hope you sign it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrestlemania XXVIII

So tonight was the night of Wrestlemania 28, the night my household has been waiting for since John Cena announced it the night after last year's. I didn't think we would get to watch it this year, but Brandon was the hero and saved up the money to pay for it!

This year, I made a cake, and I was dedicated. I went to the store, bought the yellow cake, chocolate icing, and red Easy Squeeze piping icing, and went home and piped for the first time. By the way, Easy Squeeze icing? Not so easy to squeeze, believe it or not. I think for my first time piping, I did a pretty good job. Next year, I'm definitely going to put more detail into my Wrestlemania party food :).

So, we tried to buy Wrestlemania at the top of the hour, but due to some difficulties and bs on TWC's part, we missed the first hour and the first three matches. At 7 though, we successfully purchased WM28, right at the beginning of Triple H and Undertaker's match. After a grueling match with Undertaker pretty much dominating the Game, Shawn Michaels, and that bogus ref Charles Robinson, he stood tall and the streak lived on with 20-0. Steel steps, steel chairs, and a sledgehammer flew and blood was spilled, which apparently is the recipe for a fantastic and epic match. I wasn't terribly excited when it was announced that these two would have a rematch, but tonight wiped my doubts away. That was the most emotionally draining match of the night, and we all felt it. It was something that will live on in legend.
The next match was the team matches of Team John Lauranitis, the Executive Vice President of Talen Relations at WWE, and Team Teddy Long, the Smackdown General Manager. The deal was, the two men would assemble team of wrestlers, and whoever won got to be in charge of both Smackdown and Raw. Team Johnny consisted of captain and Jennifer Hudson fiance' David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, the Miz, and Drew McIntyre; Team Teddy had captain and United States Champion Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Booker T, the Great Khali, and Zack Ryder. Both teams were accompanied by females and Vicki Guerrero, but they aren't worth mentioning. The match was boring at the beginning until the teams, of course, began fighting outside the ring. Santino, the legal man, hit the Miz with the Cobra, then tagged in Zack Ryder, who impressively took on both the Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Just as Zack was about to finish the Miz off, Eve jumped in the ring and distracted him, allowing the Miz to hit him with the Skull-Crushing Finale and win the match for John Lauranitis. Boo. The Eve has the nerve to kick Zack where it hurts and sway out of the ring. Hoeski.
Next match was CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship, and I missed half of it because I had to get Brandon from church. When we came back, we watched CM beat Chris and retain his championship.
And last, but not least, was the headlining match. The match everyone had been waiting for. The Rock vs. John Cena. This was a match that tore me in two. The Rock was my favorite wrestler of all time (except for Randy Orton) and my first childhood crush, but I have so much respect for John Cena and what he's all about. I've been firmly Team Bring It and Cenation since they began their feud, and this match tore me to pieces. For a while, it seemed like John had the edge. Rocky was holding up, but John was owning this match. Then, out of nowhere, the Rock scored a victory and won. Our entire living room was shocked. It didn't make any sense to me for The Rock to win, but win he did, and I guess we'll have to tune into Raw tomorrow to see how it turns out.
There pointless musical numbers and a pointless Diva's match, but this Wrestlemania was pretty good! Much, much better than last years, but so far, I've yet to see a Wrestlemania top 26 for me. Very excited to see how tomorrow's show plays out!