Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boys in Tank Tops

Yes, I said it. There's something strangely hot about guys wearing tank tops. Erica and I were discussing this last night after watching a few episodes of Jersey Shore. Well, actually we were talking about how nowadays we preferred guys in certain pieces of clothes rather than less; then we got to the topic of tank tops, black ones to be specific. It was decided that we haven't seen a guy yet (aside from extreme examples) that have ruined the tank look. My crush, her ex, and our friend have all attempted the look and all have passed with flying colors. I kind of want to have tank contest now. I'll be a judge ;).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mahbu Lately

I'm currently watching Daniel and my twin step-brothers while my mom is running errands. The boys started off shy at first, but they quickly warmed up to me and there hasn't been a moment of peace since my mom walked out the door. Lol I've missed having kids watch movies and play with toys on the floor. Right now everyone's watching Quest for Camelot and playing with trains.
Anything else up with me? Not really. I've written a few songs, but I haven't been hit with a major case of writing fever yet. Hopefully when I do, I can write a bit more on D.O.M. I'm still looking for jobs and am trying to figure out what school I'll be going to in the spring.
Well, that's it for now. I know the post is short and I haven't updated lately, but I've barely been home and if I do post, it's usually on Sand Apart, Hearts Close. I'll try to update this one more often though.