Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Mind Hamsters- Meet the Crew!

I've mentioned my mind hamsters before, but I don't think I've formally introduced them. So far, I have a crew of 3 hamsters that work inside my brain, and I think we'll be together for life, despite our differences.
Socrates: The one who's been with me the longest. He signed on 3 years ago and despite major on-the-job trauma, hasn't signed off. He's serious, stoic, extremely brave, and has a loyalty that would shame a dog. A year ago, he almost exploded during an Alaskan battle and had to go into ICU. Because I put him in that situation, the Hamster Association almost took him away from me and banned me from having anymore hamsters, but when Socrates came out of his coma, he defended me and refused to leave me. Now he runs the big computer above the bullpen in my brain, and since his accident, is better than ever. He's my chief hamster, and the one who keeps me safe from myself. Any smart decisions I make came from him. Thank you, Socrates!
Plato: Socrates' apprentice, a former intern, and the second hamster to join in full-time. He used to fill in while Socrates was on vacation and took over while he was in the hospital, and when the Hamster Association decreed that I can only keep Socrates if he had an assistant, Plato happily volunteered. Plato is fun, easy-going, and doesn't take anything too seriously. He used to run on the wheel before we removed it and put in the bull pen.
Aristotle: Our newest intern who is training to stay with us full time. He's a fun, fluffy ball of energy who dreams of becoming a surfer, an astronaut, a cowboy.....well, anything really, this kid likes to dream. His desk faces Plato's and trust me, those two get into so much trouble it's hilarious. Socrates has learned just to shake his head and let it go. When I'm sitting in front of a movie from my childhood, slack-jawed and drooling, Aristotle's sitting right there with me. His favorite game is Just Dance, and he plays music from his iPod constantly.
Galileo: He's a parrot Plato bought (against Socrates' wishes) who has a telescope and learned to sing only one song while tossing it "I throw my telescope in the air sometimes, screaming Aye-yo! I'm Galileo!" He's so happy and full of life it makes me happy. Sometimes we let him fly around the office.
That is my hamster (and parrot) family in my brain. Every day is an adventure that I wish I could animate and show to everyone. No, I'm not crazy. Why do you ask?


This is the first time I've been on my blog in.... 6 months? I feel horrible, like I've neglected my child or something. Socrates, my main mind hamster, kind of putting updating my blog on the back burner. Let me try to make things right.
So much has happened. I worked at Target for a couple of months (my advice: don't do it, at least not in Waco), I broke up and made up with some crucial friends, I got a roommate, and we're looking at an apartment in Austin (woot!). A lot more happened in between those things, but we'll save that for later, if ever.
Well, I have several things I want to blog about that deserve their own posts, so I'll let this one go. Cheers for my return!