Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I just finished crying again while reading my book. This is the second Sara Douglass book that I've cried during reading it. The first time was in StarMan when WolfStar showed up whisteling when the prophecy was fulfilled; come on, Faraday just died, Axis was sad, and WolfStar whistles?
Now this time it was in Druid's Sword of the Troy Game quartet. Brutus (as Jack) had done the most beautiful thing for Grace, Cornelia (Noah) and Asterion's (Weyland) daughter. Okay, so she's been holding Brutus' Troy bands for 300 years and she gave them back in a really formal and magical ceremony. Then, showing that he loved her and wanted her to be his, he had two diamond studded platinum bands custom made for her as a "birthday gift" when really he was being cheap and didn't want to spend money on a mortal wedding (joking, joking guys! He really was being sincere). I've decided that I don't mind Brutus being with Grace instead of Cornelia; in fact, I insist upon it. She actually loves him for him and he's obviously smitten with her. Although, I hope Cornelia's relationship with Asterion crumbles. Hey, she should've stayed true man.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Songs that the stupid internet won't let me download

I'm on a downloading craze again and I have several new songs I want to download, but apparently dogpile doesn't want me to have them. Stupid dogpile....
Also, a Troy Game update, I think I just read Brutus (Jack) telling Asterion (Weyland) that he's letting him have Cornelia (Noah) and that he won't do anything to disrupt their marriage, he's tired of loving her. Um, no. Brutus, get your girl back, you married her first. Also, don't fall in love with her daughter, that's too complicated to bring to the Troy Game reunion.
Wayfarer Redemption update, Azhure, girl, what happened? You were so cool in "Starman," your husband died and your son was kidnapped by his crazy uncle yet you were still strong and calm; then 40 years later your other son ran off and his twin killed and you begin to fall apart! Dude, calm yourself and get your weapons back, you were so much more awesome with them. Oh WolfStar, Niah's dead, get over it. Axis, Azhure, ya'll are bad parents: Zenith was not born to be possessed by Niah and Drago didn't kill RiverStar, Caelum did. Look at your little golden boy before pinning the blame on your youngest son. Come on guys, you have more drama than the Troy Game characters, and they sleep with each other.

"Get up & move" Koda Kumi
"Cherry Girl" also by Koda Kumi
"Love goes like..." another one by Koda Kumi with the most awesome video. This is honestly the best video I've ever seen in my life.
One more by Koda, "Birthday Eve"
I thought Daddy might like this one, "Star Wars gangsta rap" by Weird Al I think.
You know that girl who does the Kingdom Hearts songs, Utada Hikaru? Well here's "Can you keep a secret?"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just a little something

This is cool, I want a claw thingy too.

Gackt can do anything but hula hoop.

I guess he did have to do a screen test.