Sunday, December 26, 2010


The majority of 2010 has been pretty sucky, but Christmas for than made up for it with its epic win. I got to see a lot of my family and got a lot of amazing gifts, even though none of them were on the list. Right now I'm on my new laptop at my dad's house, watching The John Cena Experience with Brandon while Daddy sleeps on the couch with Ender on his stomach.
I got a ton of lamps for Christmas this year. Some of them will endanger me psychologically at night -Spartacus! Get OFF the laptop!- but I'll be using them, especially when I have company over. Socrates and Plato (my mind hamsters) have physically manifested in the form of Zhu Zhu pets. They'll probably battle it out with Desiree's whenever we're out of the house. I got three calenders, beautiful jewelry, and tons of wolfy stuff (earrings, charm bracelet, figurines, etc.). Very good haul, in my opinion.
I'm excited about being on vacation for a while. I'll probably get a lot of writing done and now that I have the laptop, I can keep up with typing the stories out too. It's nice to get away every once in a while to clear my head and de-stress a bit.
Well, going to watch more Criminal Minds now. I hope everyone had a good holiday as well!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jack Sparrow dilemma

I can never escape the pirates. They were my school's mascot, my cousin still kind of thinks he is one, and now the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is opening two days after my birthday, probably to make up for the end of the Shrek series, which shares my b-day normally. I just watched POTC's new trailer and, well, I'll explain.
I realized that no one cares about the plots of this series, we just want to see Johnny Depp. This movie looks a little hard to follow and it seems the writer just dumped a barrel of mythical creatures into the script for no reason at all, but I still plan to spend the $5 to watch Jack Sparrow run around and make me laugh.
I've also realized where I stand on my feelings for Jack Sparrow. As mega-hot as he is, it just wouldn't work. There's something wrong with him mentally and his illness+mine would destroy any children we'd be unlucky enough to make. Plus, his life is just ridiculous, and I think a lot of girls (aside from my step-sister) are coming to this conclusion as well. During the first movie we were like "Yeah, he's hot enough to go through all of this crap for" or "I could do this every day! I could live that life" but after the next two movies, we realized that we couldn't and that he wasn't. Watching the trailer for the new one brought it up again. I'd just give him one last kiss, tell him I'll never forget him, and then jump into the nearest safety boat and head out somewhere slightly more normal. His life is just too dizzying.
I also saw him interact with Penelope Cruz, and I was surprised that I didn't have the overwhelming urge to slit her throat for touching my (former) man like I still kind of do when I see Gwen Stefani with Gavin or Megumi with Hyde. They're pretty hot together, and I like the pairing. On a side note, have you noticed that Penelope's real-life man is the guy who always plays the "other man" or that "irresistible" guy who makes the female characters feel like they haven't lived enough and want to change that? I can't count how many movies I've seen him sweep attached women off their feet and make them feel alive. I wonder how he and Johnny would do in a seduction fight...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


It just hit me that it's December and we have sixteen days until Christmas. Hopefully I was the only one late about the holiday, but whatever. It seems I have a super busy schedule this time around. My mom wants me around for a week until Christmas Day, then she'll bring Brandon and I back and I'll drive us to Austin for the other half of the family. Somewhere in all of that, I want to see Kathleen and see at least part of the Brown family. I'd also like to see my great-grandmother, but I don't know how this is all going to work out. I guess I'll try to squeeze everyone in the best I can.
We bought ourselves a short, purple tree. It's kind of cute and looks gay-friendly, so of course I'm all for it. It was stupid-easy to put up and was pre-lit, which made it the perfect candidate for the Pelton household. I have no idea where we're going to put the gifts, but we'll find a way.
Brandon fractured his ankles and is on crutches for a week, the poor boy. He hobbles home every day and couldn't even attend church last night. I told him you can't praise Jesus on crutches and immediately prayed for forgiveness. I don't know how comedians do half their jokes and not donate a few extra bucks to church immediately afterward.