Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Darin's back!

Swedish singer Darin Zanyar has one of the most beautiful voices and songs I've ever heard in my life; he's in my top 5 favorite male vocalists. Lyrically and vocally he's a dream come true and a musical delight. Words can't describe how moving his music is. Well, he has a new track out called "Lovekiller". I think I'm in love with him a little bit after this one. I'd love to hear him and Travis Garland or Josh Groban do a duet one day. They should all form a new boyband. No, I'm not kidding.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Obsessions, Obsessions

Oh Ra, I've done it. I've broken down and watched the Jersey Shore, mostly for Pauly D. Then I discovered JWoww and I think I'm a little addicted to the show. I haven't seen first season, but we have the first three episodes on demand and the next two show on tv all the time, so I'm all caught up on season 2. Wow, that's a lot of drama. The show's actually pretty decent, but I'm tired of the Ronnie and Sam predicament. I'm also tired of Angelina's mouth. Just shut up and sit in a corner until I say you can have an opinion. Oh, but Pauly! He looks so cute! He looks like an Egyptian slave, kind of, like his mom was a noblewoman in Egypt who had an affair with a foreign slave, so they were cast into slavery. Yeah, I thought that storyline out too far. And Jwoww...well, she sure earned her name.
Well, I applied at a few places, but I haven't been contacted for anything. I'll just have to keep trying until someone breaks and gives me an interview at least. I went shopping with Amanda at Ross on Saturday and bought a few things, but Ross was lacking in cute clothes that day, the traitor. I'm going to have to shop again for real clothes. As much as I'd want to, I can't wear band tees and jeans forever. I have to grow up sometime and get a little professional.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


GROSS: I recently discovered I hate the word "yum", even "yummy". I don't know, those words just sound disgusting to me. For some reason, I feel like if someone uses that word in conversation with me that they're trying to be sexual, and that's just not a sexy word. Bleh. Nasty. A guy on facebook keeps saying it, and even though he's talking about food, I keep wanting to flag him. But maybe that's just because he's stalked me on and off for two years...
COOLIO: A couple of my friends and I started a team blog (it's one of the ones I'm following) and we already have two posts up. Yay! I can already tell this is going to be fun. I like the idea of team anything, especially on the internet. Like the co-ops on farmville.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My opinion on LKH's "Divine Misdemeanors"

I need to rant about a few things, the first being LKH's newest faerie slut- I mean, Meredith Gentry series, Divine Misdemeanors. Once I found out it existed, I screamed in delight. LHK has nothing on my literary homegirl Sara Douglass, but she managed to convince me that a long-term relationship with Unseelie princess Meredith Gentry would be a good thing. I thought the series was over with Swallowing Darkness, but alas, the series spawned a new book with the promise of more to come (yippie!). Most of the reviews I saw claimed the book was crap, but one positive one contradicted those statements and I have to agree.
Compared to the majority of the population in the literary world, it was nothing to brag about when it comes to plot, writing style, and other technical things (but then again, the entire series is that way), but it wasn't outright awful. The person with the positive review theorized that the other reviewers must've been pissed that Doyle and Frost (Merry's favored lovers) played less of a role than usual, and I think they had a point. The beautiful duo weren't the shining stars, but that meant we go to see more of the other characters, yay!! Rhys and Galen were more active than they were the past two books (Rhys more than Galen, another yay) and we saw more of Sholto, Barinthus, and some of Merry's L.A. pals. Maeve is also supposed to be making a triumphant return next book, so Merry has a pregnant buddy. Yay, two women with mood swings and cravings. The guards are going to have a ball with them. I miss the queen. She was insane, but I liked her.
Now, plot bunnies. A secret about Meredith's beloved late father is hinted at, a whole new race of fey is wanting some of Merry's attention, and a fairy godmother actually exists. Oh boy. Who knows what's going to happen. I didn't think the story would be fun without Meredith screwing for her life and a throne, but L.A.'s got magical powers of it's own, apparently, especially when it comes to dangerous murder plots on a faerie princess. Ew, I hate that spelling of fairy, I'm a 90's kid.