Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Hellish Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday began my descent into hell. I went in around 8 in the morning to get spacers in my teeth to prepare for braces next week. All day I could barely eat and I sounded like Jack Swagger when I talked, which my brother will happily confirm. My gums hurt, my stomach ached, and I began trying to bargain with our creator. Yesterday, however, was child's play compared to what happened in the last hour.
Today I had to get my baby teeth pulled out, since they weren't leaving on their own. We went in and, to my despair, I heard my crazy-sexy dentist's voice. I had hoped he wouldn't tarnish his angelic image in my mind by putting me through this preliminary pain, but alas, he did. I knew pulling teeth was going to suck from the get go, and what everyone said was right. They stuck that syringe in my mouth and immediately I would've rather been stabbed in the eye. My gums burned and cried out for mercy, but it never came. Then he left me alone for the number to spread and me to bawl my eyes out over what was coming next. When he returned, he proceeded to rip my poor baby teeth from my mouth. It wasn't horrifying, sell-your-soul-to-the-devil pain, but it was very unpleasant.
While the nurse tended to me, my grandma asked my former Angel of Dentistry and now Angel of Painful Death how long I would have to wear braces. I had heard from other that with my problem, it should only be 3-6 months, but he bashed my hopes with a sledgehammer when he said around 2 years. Yep, my life is over. Nothing anyone can say can change that. Well, unless John Morrison showed up and wanted to go out with me regardless of the metal in my mouth.
So now I'm sitting here, typing up this blog before I take some medicine to sleep this day away, to spread this message: DENTISTS WORSHIP SATAN!!! Think about it: they train to go into your mouth and wreak havoc to reduce you to a sobbing mess on the floor. Practically torture.
This is the worst experience of my life. I'd rather spend two years with Katie from Paranormal Activity than two years with braces. And if if anyone tries to tell me "Kayla, braces aren't that bad. People get them all the time" "You'll be thankful you got them done", do me a favor: stfu and fall in a hole, alright? I'm ready to lock myself up in seclusion until this is all over. Either be extremely sympathetic or get the heck out.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My WWE retirement thoughts

Well, rumor has it that Triple H plans to retire from the world of wrestling in as early as a year. People are worried that if he does leave soon, the current bunch of wrestlers left are not in the same caliber as him, Shawn Michaels, or the bevy of other WWE legends who have retired recently; I'm honestly not that worried about it.
Yes, I'll miss Hunter and no one could really replace him, but come on. WWE still has very talented wrestlers under their unemployment that just don't get the best chances to prove themselves as megastars. We do have the big names like John Cena and Randy Orton who are obviously not going anywhere soon, but we also have Christian (who almost every wrestler agrees needs more exposure), John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, and Matt Hardy who still entertain all of us and are very good athletes. I didn't even mention some of the talented, but more unknown wrestlers who barely get a match every week.
Maybe Triple H leaving will be good for the other superstars because they'll need someone to fill Hunter's spot. Anybody who's watched Raw for the past couple of months can see that there's almost too much starpower without him. Think about how crowded the locker room will be when he comes back.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, I'm one of those people who read interesting blog articles and studies on parenting, love, and sex. Sue me. But usually when you're bored and just floating around on the net, you can find some pretty interesting stuff on there.
Like this, for example. It's an article called "Marriage, Schmarriage: What's the Point in Getting Married?" by Yumi Sakugawa I believe, and posted on a site called intent. It's basically her views on marriage vs. long-term relationship and other things related to the topic. I found it pretty interesting and thought she made some valid points. Now, I do believe in marriage, but I don't think it's utterly necessary. However you feel about it, I think the article was pretty cool.
Now that this post is over, I'm off to read more of these articles.