Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Otome Games- The New Obsession

Well, I fell into that trap pretty easily; I just can't believe it took me this long.
At the beginning of last week, I was playing on Facebook and noticed an ad to the side saying "Get an Anime Boyfriend!" That's been my dream since I was 7, so my curious self clicked the link, and it took me to this free, online game called "My Candy Love". Since it said "free", I registered, made a character, and then found myself in a tutorial run by a girl with bat wings. Halfway through, I realized what rabbit hole I tripped into: I was wading into the waters of the Otome game world. Crap.
Otome games are anime-like games for girls, usually romance-based, and recently, a couple of Facebook groups I'm a part of have been buzzing about them. I didn't really care to find out more about them, but alas, here I am playing one. It's amazing how the universe will tip over just to trap you.
I wouldn't recommend MCL for everyone, unless you just like to blow money on online games and can afford enough action points to actually do anything productive every day on it. But I was addicted to the concept and blazed through the internet to find one that was free and has good graphics. My search led me to Star Project, and this was a match made in anime-music-fame heaven.
In Star Project, you play the owner of a struggling star management company who is debt to some thugs. Then a guy shows up, looking for a manager to help him climb to the top of the entertainment industry, and the partnership is born! You take your star to classes, appearances, and part-time jobs, building your rep and money while falling in love on the way. It's extremely fun and addicting, with waay more stuff to do than MCL. This is the one I'd throw into everyone's face to play, if only just for us to have something to talk about.
There you go, my rant for the month. I need to update more, or just find stuff to update on. Ah, the boring life of SUMMER!! Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toonami is Back!!!

We did it. We. FRIGG'IN. DID IT!!! After two months of endless tweeting, Facebooking, video bumping, some raps, and the eternal support of the ever-golden Steve Blum (a major voice actor in the animated community) the Toonami faithfuls have finally convinced Adult Swim on Cartoon Network to bring back Toonami on May 26, 2012!!
This isn't just a victory for anime or 90's fans, this is a victory for the people. We as fans have proven that if we stayed dedicated to our cause, spread the word, and do everything we can, our voices can and WILL be heard. Changes had to be made, and we had to be patient, but we stuck with it all, even though the cause was called hopeless. What's hopeless now, now that we've won?
A big thank you goes out to Steve Blum!! He was the voice of T.O.M., the host of Toonami, and he rallied us every Saturday for two months to tweet for Toonami on Twitter. Thanks also goes out to Adult Swim, who are bringing us our fabulous anime back!!
Of course, to my fellow Toonami faithfuls, who started Twitter accounts just to help spread the word. Who tweeted EVERY Saturday night. Who made videos, Facebook pages, and raps to keep us motivated and remind us to keep trying. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU!! Every single one of you lent your voices to the causes, so every one of you helped bring it back!! You all stayed gold and faithful, and I can't thank all of you enough, just on a personal level, because Toonami coming back means so much to me, and so many of my friends!!
Even though we won, you guys, let's all stay gold, and stay forever faithful, because that's what brought Toonami back: us!