Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best of 2012

After almost a week of pure laziness, I've finally decided to post my Best of 2012 list! I'll be naming off movies, people, and music that impressed me in 2012 in this thrilling, gripping!......Okay, maybe not all that, but finally, it has been unleashed!

Favorite Movie
 The Avengers wasn't just a pleasant surprise for movie-goers and comic book fans; it was a smashing surprise! It was more than what I hoped it'd be; it was funny, emotional, and managed to give every star their due. It doesn't hurt that there were a ton of hot guys to go around. Joss Whedon did a great job of answering the fans with this one, and I haven't been this excited for a sequel, I can't remember.
Honorable mentions: The Dark Knight Rises, A Royal Affair

 Favorite TV Show
 Without any surprise whatsoever, Game of Thrones is my favorite tv series of 2012. My step-mother introduced me to the show and it has more than hi-jacked my brain and fantasy fangirl. Season one was great, and season two was even better! This has everything a girl like me could want: magic, fatal politics, beautiful men and women to drool over, and so much bromance I've lost the ability to squeal at anything else. The sets are gorgeous, the cast delivers strong and touching performances, and the level of tension and urgency just keeps rising and rising. Season three, we eagerly the coming of winter!
Honorable mentions: None. Seriously.

Favorite Artist
 I can't believe I'm even posting this, but it's true: Maroon 5 is my pick for artist of 2012. They conquered my year with hits like "Payphone" and "One More Night", even though the latter is becoming a victim of radio overplay. I've jammed in my car, I've replayed on my iPod, and I've belted while trying to get over a heartbreak this year, and I'm only a little ashamed.
Honorable mentions: None. Music wasn't very good in 2012, sadly.

Favorite Thespian
This is 2% bias and 98% completely deserved, because Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen has had a great year in 2012. First, his gripping drama The Hunt earned him the Best Actor award at Cannes this year, then his historical drama A Royal Affair was nominated for numerous awards and is representing Denmark in the Foreign Film category at the Oscars, and he landed the titular role of Hannibal Lecter in NBC's newest crime drama Hannibal. He also got my attention and now my other objects of desire will probably never get a look from me again. Not only is he drop-dead sexy, but he's a fantastic actor with a fun range of projects in his history and has a penchant for playing memorable characters, even if they are supporting. Well done, love, well done!
Honorable mentions: Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, Liam Cunningham, Eva Green

Favorite Newsmaker
If you think she only made this list because of your pregnancy, you're half-right; she's Kate Middleton, so that's half, and then it's her pregnancy, which is the other half. The world didn't end purely because the universe needs to witness the birth of Will and Kate's creation. I love Kate, obviously.
Honorable mentions: None. I'm telling you, this year was boring.

There's my list, which is a bit longer than last year's. Maybe next year I'll be more prepared! Until next time, everyone!