Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Beautiful Nightmare" Travis Garland vid

Travis Garland, former member of NLT and forever keeper of my heart, has finally realeased the YouTube video of "Beautiful Nightmare", his remix of Beyonce's "Sweet Dream". This is a very, very good video and it knocked my socks off! Please, please, please watch, rate, and comment it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eddie Cibrian on CSI: Miami

I just found out last night that Eddie Cibrian, Leanne Rimes' alleged beau, is joining the already smoking cast of CSI: Miami. This does nothing but frustrate me. Does CSI: Miami really need to add another hot guy to the show? We already know this show is amazing, they don't have to bring in another stud. I'm about to have a heartattack; Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo, and Eddie Cibrian all working in the lab together? I'm about to reconsider my career options.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Latest with the Greatest

Loads of stuff to talk about today, so hang tight.

Two weeks ago (or was it one?) I got my high school diploma. I officially never have to go back to my sorry high school again. I'm very, very happy about that.

Friday, I got my license. Didn't have to take the driver's test or anything. I've been using my four-wheeled independence a lot lately, and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Of course, I drive to my job, my friend's places, and to various stores to spend the money people are giving me in congratulations.

Speaking of work, I got my first job at Blockbuster! No fast food for me. I've been an official employee since Thursday, but only really worked Friday and Saturday. Can't wait to get my first paycheck and blow it on something meaningless like I deserve to.

Devin, my lovable, but occasionally infuriating, guy best friend, is bothering me. I've been on him about sending me pics of him, and he usually just whines about how if I could get pic mail he'd send me some. He finally uploaded some on his myspace, one of him, and one of his heifer of a new gf. I love the boy to death, but he knows his destiny and keeps denying it. He's somehow always falling "in love". He hasn't even dated this broad for a week, and he thinks he loves her. If he texts me and says they're getting married, I'll have to go fix this problem.