Monday, September 3, 2012

My Music & Boredom Rant

I need new music. I'm going through all 100 or so of my mix CDs and can't find any new music to upload to iTunes. My iPod is becoming one of the most boring things I have, and that makes me incredibly sad. I'm tired to listening to 'music' from this generation, so I'm searching for songs from 1999-2006 and awesome Disney covers I haven't heard yet. But since I've done this several times in the past year already, my search is yielding very few new results. *sigh* The boombox in me is crying a little every day.
I really don't want to go back to my jr. high years, because those were an obvious cry to be different. Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, and HIM just seem so childish to me now, so I have a hard time listening to them seriously. I feel a little lame, but I'm craving some boyband music. I miss fun, decent pop music about teenage love and friendship, but it seems like I made up half of that music in my childhood and it never really existed.
This is also the day that I have no friends. My roommate is at work for six hours today (cries in jealousy and loneliness), one friend has no minutes on her phone, and I'm having a super-spy text war with another. My roommate has the car at my insistence, and now I'm seeing how much of a mistake that was.
Writing's hard right now, and all I want to do is watch Mads Mikkelsen and cry about how I can't have him. I'd try to work on research for my stories, but our libraries have no books for my kind of research and I don't have money to order them on Amazon. Or anything on Amazon. My life suuuucks.
I need a job so I can buy Christmas and get excited over that. And then buy stuff for me! I need so many books and home decor it's not even funny.
I guess I need to discover new music and movies. Yeah, that's what I need to do. And think of better blogs.

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